Updated turn points file!

Please update your turn point file from the Documents section. Changes:
1) Added numbers in front of turn point names. ex.: “132Krosna”
2) Removed one Leliunai turn point because it was two turn points with same name (this was not a mistake just two villages in 18km distance one from other – learning geography of Lithuania ourselves)
3) Added one new turn point Debeikiai (to compensate one Leliunai)
4) Changed the two Finish line turn points to Finish 1 and Finish 2.

Also in the Documents section please find the presentation slides from 1st official team captains briefing with important information!

Pociūnai JWGC2017 Team


Please come at the office and book best time for you to register, which is between hangar and the clubhouse.
You can also register without booking the time if there is no people at that moment.

Office working time 25th-28th:

  • 12:00am-2:00pm
  • 3:00pm-6:00pm
  • 7:00pm-8:00pm

See you at the office!
Pociūnai JWGC2017 Team